File Transfer

File Transfer

Software Supported:

As discussed on the Preferred Formats page, you can submit your artwork in a wide variety of formats. Just as some formats will require less work from our art department than others, the methods used in creating the original art can save a lot of time at our end and reduce your delivery time:

  1. Please note that all texts converted to outlines. Since every computer has a different set of fonts, it is possible that we do not have the same fonts installed that you might use. Please unlock objects and layers, and avoid to merger layers.
  2. It is essential that there is a minimum 2mm bleed for label or 4mm bleed for pouches around your artwork. This is for cutting purposes. Save your artwork as any of the above formats. Please note that there is a 2.0mm tolerance for cutting on all jobs.
  3. The width of line we recommend avoiding thin than 0.1mm.
  4. Our HP-Indigo press uses a "4-color process" (CMYK) build, and Flexo press handles 4-color process (CMYK) or Pantone Matching System (PMS) - all RBG images will be converted.
  5. All image-based files need to have a resolution of 350 DPI at actual size and please include images are embedded or link used.
  6. Save a JPG version, Proof sample, or CMYK / PMS number identified to be submitted with your design. This way artworks' color will be a very close match, but there are cases where you will see a variance. Please note that exact color matches are not always possible(±10% color differences is allowed), furthermore, the color of screen and inkjet papers can not be used as a standard.
  7. CorelDraw allows you to apply lens effects (transparency, color tints, etc.) to scanned images. We recommend avoiding these features, as the file may print incorrectly when separated to film. To proper way to create a complex montage of several images is to use Photoshop to collage the images together into one.



A. Please enter FTP website
B. Press “For Sunlea Customers only” zone
C. User name: xupload Password: xupload
D. Press “S zone”
E. Press “upload”
F. Press “upload files”