Digital Printing

Low-quantity, High Variety, Personalization, Flexibility, and Multimedia Application

Mass production is not the guarantee for profit any more, only unique features and personalization can increase added values to your products. With the advanced and latest technology, we provide best support to ensure your competitiveness. Your variable and small quantities requirements will not be restricted as we are heavily rely on the most advanced digital printing technology and endeavor to assure that your needs are completely satisfied.
We are the first label printer in Taiwan that introduced using INDIGO digital press: A new world of short run, on-demand, label printing.Variable printing plates: FulI-color continuous process color printing, input obs directly from data base to Image memory. Small quantity order: there Is no minimum so you can order just the amount you need, even 500 or 1000 pieces. Anti-counterfeit protection: protect your copyright by using variable printing plates, merging databases and using special materials. Bar codes or any numbering combinations (serial numbers): sizes of number text can be adjusted in restricted (small) printing space, different numbering combinations or continuous numbers (serial numbers), suitable for anti-counterfeit or tamper proof labels. Printing quality: digital (180 lines) offset printing, 7 color printing. Materials: Art paper, ivory Board, PE. PP. PET, PVC.