Product Details

Frozen Food Pouch

  • Specification:3S-NY-160*250mm

Product Introduction

The 3-side-seal pouch is a convenience and cost effective flexible packaging solution for the frozen food packaging.  
Frozen food packaging requires specific materials to ensure that the package will sustain the freezer temperatures and resist cracking. 
Built by taking multiple layers of special film and laminating them together. This process creates a barrier bag that protects contents from oxygen, moisture, odors, and help in extending the shelf life of the products. 
Good low temperature resistance, good seal-ability and good vacuum retention.

frozen prepared food, meat, sausage, seafood, vegetarian food and more

Available options:
Tear-notch / Hang Hole / Round Corners
• Size: Customized
• Color: CMYK+W
• Surface Handling: Glossy and matte finished
• MOQ: 1000pcs
• Delivery time: 7-10 working days 

Product Notes

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