2021/02/19 Executive Forecast: How the past year will shape flexible packaging in 2021 (part 4 of 6)

Executive Forecast: How the past year will shape flexible packaging in 2021

2020 proved that not everything can be predicted or planned for, and it left an indelible mark on expectations for the year to come.

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The Impact of E-Commerce

VP and General Manager- HP Indigo
Photo courtesy of HP Indigo

Mega trends favorable to digital printing are accelerating including the need to respond with high agility to market changes and the growth of ecommerce. The industry has also discovered new opportunities for digital printing, with the need for automation, profitability and differentiation. I approach 2021 with a positive mindset and confidence that the industry will continue to grow and serve brands and communities around the world.
Head of Products and Solutions- HP Indigo
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On the commercial print side, eCommerce and web-to-print are flourishing, and here too there is an expectation from end customers for faster turnaround times and innovative applications. These all point to an increase in demand for digital print, and Indigo in particular.

VP Sales and Marketing- Amcor
Photo courtesy of Amcor

The COVID-19 crisis made e-commerce a bigger focus channel for our customers. For many CPGs, online grocery shoppers are a primary target because online grocery channels in the U.S. are expected to reach $60 billion (+20%) by 2023. There’s never been a better time to focus on the next generation of fully optimized e-commerce packaging, but one-size-fits-all doesn’t clear all the hurdles in the online economy. Amcor’s product portfolio is uniquely positioned to deliver success because of the breadth and depth of our offering, which includes testing. Specific e-commerce-ready formats often are required to protect products and deliver on the brand’s promise from the point of shipment, so testing is a must. As an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), Amcor offers resources to inform packaging development, including ISTA and ASTM testing facilities.

Sustainability goals remain a priority in e-commerce channels. Amcor’s ASSET lifecycle assessment tool means we can quantifiably measure the impact of the full package lifecycle, from extraction of raw materials to end-of-life. While some launches were paused, increased focus was placed on helping CPGs optimize their SKUs to meet the increased consumer demand, improve operational efficiencies on the line, and drive e-commerce packaging as it became the channel everyone was talking about. We’ll continue to capitalize on those things in 2021.


Commercial Director- Nordmeccanica Group Corporate
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The requirement of increased product protection and counterfeit protection triggered by e-commerce calls for additional capacity and the investment on technologies that we provide within our group. We have seen numbers growing in that direction region by region, and we think the trend will stay as the e-commerce share of business, region by region, is growing.