2020/12/29 P&G Beauty Untangles Hair Care Sustainability (part 1 of 2)

P&G Beauty Untangles Hair Care Sustainability
The company has launched a reusable aluminum bottle system with pouch refills at scale.

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Europe has a leg up on the U.S. in a couple of regards when it comes to recycling, namely facilities capable of recycling more types of materials and a cumulative population that, in general, recycles more. But the global effort from companies to reduce waste and encourage recycling is making a worldwide difference, and they’re doing it, in part, by making recycling more convenient. P&G Beauty, for example, has introduced a packaging strategy in Europe that takes aim at increasing recycling rates while at the same time cutting down on plastics usage and maintaining customer convenience.

At the Reuters Business Summit near the end of October during the panel “The Window to Act is Now: Advancing Responsible Beauty in Europe,” P&G Beauty unveiled a shampoo refill system for its Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essences and Aussie brands that will get underway in 2021. And, no, the idea of a refill system is nothing new, after all TerraCycle’s Loop program, of which P&G was a launch partner for, is nearing two years old — and that itself is a take on old-fashioned milk deliveries.

What makes P&G Beauty’s system unique is the blend of packaging it uses: a new reusable 100% aluminum bottle and recyclable (in certain areas) stand-up refill pouch, made using 60% less plastic (per ml versus the standard brand bottle). P&G Beauty says it’s on track to reduce virgin plastic usage by 50% in its shampoo and conditioner bottles by the end of 2021, where through collective efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle it will result in 300 million fewer virgin plastic bottles being produced yearly.

“We need to start turning the tide on the plastic waste crisis, and there is no time to waste when it comes to protecting our planet. That is why I’m thrilled to announce a new packaging innovation called the ‘good refill system,’” says Artur Litarowicz, senior vice president and general manager of haircare for P&G Europe. He then adds, “We know this is just the start. There is so much more to do, and I am passionate about P&G Beauty being a force for good across Europe as we step toward achieving our 2030 Responsible Beauty goals at pace.”